Never judge a (model portfolio) book by its cover!

Model portfolio books for independent models

Independent models are usually represented by multiple agencies and have non-exclusive or regionally-exclusive contracts. When you’re in City A, you shouldn’t attend a go-see with a portfolio book emblazoned with the logo of City B Agency; especially if you were sent to the go-see by City A Agency.

Independent models should carry a portfolio book that has a black cover

We often hear from aspiring models who ask, “Can I get a bright portfolio book? I want people to notice me!” It’s natural to think that way when you’re starting out. You want to stand out from the crowd and a bright portfolio book will surely attract a lot of attention. You’re probably right. Agency directors and casting agents will certainly be saying, “Remember that glowing portfolio book? That book was really bright.” They remember your book! But do they remember you?

Never judge a book by its cover

When clients are selecting models for an advertising campaign, they don’t call the modeling agency and say, “Just send me the model with the brightest book.” A model’s portfolio book is just a container for the important photos inside. It’s the photos that should go, “Pow!” When the go-see is over, and the client says, “We’ll hire the girl with the amazing book!” … it’s not the actual book that impressed them…it was you!

Every model, from beginner to international supermodel, should carry a personal portfolio book with a black cover. The book itself should conform to industry traditions. The contents are the personal part, so focus on the content of your book. Work hard to improve it and keep it fresh.

Portfolio Mart sells a wide selection of portfolio products that have been specifically selected and designed for independent models. All of them have black covers. Call us and we’ll help you select the portfolio book that’s most appropriate for your experience level, your target audience, your location and your budget.

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