Portfolio Books for Working Models

Professional models and their agents have some specific requirements for portfolio books

Things to consider when selecting your portfolio

Page Size

The standard photo size in the modeling industry is 9″ x 12″ but there are a few secondary markets that use different sizes. You will see a lot of other sizes on our website, and if your agent says you should use a different size, follow their advice. But you can’t go wrong with a 9×12 model portfolio book.

Cover Color

Professional portfolio books are almost always black. You’ll occasionally see clear books, colored vinyl books, and even metal books. These are usually portfolio books that have been custom branded to match a modeling or talent agency’s look and colors. But for an independent model, unusual books can be gimicky. At a go-see interview, the last thing you want to hear when you hand a client your book is, “Cool book!” What you really want is for them to ignore the book, look inside and say, “Great photos!” Even if they don’t say anything, you want your potential client to be focused on you.

Book Construction

A professional portfolio has a rigid cover, like a hardback book. It’s usually made of leatherette-covered pressboard. The pages are crystal clear, and they’re permanently bound into the cover. It is imperative that a professional book is flat-as-a-pancake when it is closed. It can be thick…as long as it’s flat. This is so that a pile of books can be stacked on an agent’s desk without them sliding off onto the floor.

Photo Capacity

Professional modeling portfolio books can hold either 20 or 40 photos. The pages don’t have to all be filled. Quality is more important than quantity. In our opinion, your book should contain 5-11 great professional photos, that show your various talents and your best features. After that, the book should display tear sheets that show where you’ve appeared in print, and then snapshots that reinforce and legitimize your resumé. (Get someone to take snapshots if you appear in a fashion show, on a billboard, or if you do promotional modeling at events and in retail shops.)


A working model’s portfolio should have a pocket on the inside back cover, to hold comp cards (zed cards), a couple copies of your “raw shots,” a few copies of your headshot and your resume.

Best Portfolios for Commercial Models

Vienna Portfolio

The Vienna Modeling Portfolio Book (made from man-made leather) is the premium portfolio book of the modeling industry. Portfolio Mart’s Vienna Portfolios are handmade using classic turned-edge bookbinding methods and our highest standards of craftsmanship. They’re built to withstand the daily travels of a professional model and to make you look your absolute best.

Scuba Portfolio

The Scuba Portfolio is the durable workhorse of the modeling industry, especially in New York City. Handmade Scubas are built to withstand the daily travels of a professional model. After being passed from model to agent to photographer to stylist; in and out of cabs, subway trains and airliners; the Scuba’s Neoprene cover can be scrubbed back into shape with a washcloth and a spritz of blue glass cleaner.

Order your Scuba now!

Davenport Portfolio

The Davenport Portfolio Book is our most durable vinyl-clad pressbook design. It’s especially popular in mid-sized modeling markets around the world. The 10-page variety is the most common, because it’s lighter to carry around every day.

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