Modeling Portfolio Book Selection Guide

Consider these points when choosing your portfolio book


Durability is a major factor for pageantry models and modeling-school students. Your portfolio book will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, so consider a book with a tough poly cover like the Starter Portfolio Book, Advanta Portfolio Book, or the Multi-Ring Portfolio Book.

For professional models with agency representation, or those seeking agency representation, or independent working models; appearance is more important, so look for a neoprene (Scuba Portfolio Book or Scubette Portfolio Book), or double-thick vinyl cover (Davenport Portfolio Book).

Page Size

The standard in the professional modeling world is 9×12 photos and tearsheets, so most pro books are only available in that size. The most popular size for students and actors headshots is an 8×10 book, while preteen and pageantry models usually carry an 8.5×11 book. It’s best for your photos to fit your portfolio book exactly, so get your prints made large enough to fill the page.

Number of Pages

If you’re a novice, 10-12 pages (20-24 photos) is plenty. If you’re a professional model, you’ll want additional pages for tear sheets and to show the best of your work history.

Busy modeling agents and clients usually only look at the first several photos in a model portfolio book, so make sure your best shots are in the front! It’s okay if there are some empty pages in the back of your book, so leave your mediocre shots at home.


Pockets on the inside covers are handy to insert a few of your give-away items (comp cards, headshots, extra wowshots) but don’t go crazy. If you overstuff the pocket, your book will look messy.

So…which book is best for me?

That depends on whether you’re already working in the industry, with agency representation or a manager. If so, you should be carrying a book that’s appropriate for day-to-day use within the business. Look at our Scuba, Scubette, or Davenport Portfolio Books.

If you’re trying to break into the modeling industry, then you’ll look like a pro if you’re using any one of the above four portfolio books.

If you’re attending modeling school, or on the pageantry circuit, you probably don’t need to invest in a high-end portfolio book just yet. Of those professional books, the Davenport Portfolio is the most affordable. Otherwise, consider our Advanta, Starter, or Multi-Ring Portfolio.

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