Photo Glue – 2-Way Glue Pens


To prevent smaller photos from moving around inside your portfolio book pages, hold them in place with this excellent repositionable glue!

5mm (0.2″) 10ml (.35 oz.) $5.95
15mm (0.6″) 26ml (.88 oz.) $9.95

Ideal for affixing photographs & artwork to black acid free insert sheets of your portfolio book.

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ZIG® Memory System 2-Way Glue

by Kuritake

These dual-action permanent and semi-permanent ZIG® Memory System 2-Way Glue pens are ideal for holding smaller photos in place inside your portfolio pages. With their acid-free quality, these are great photo glue pens for working with your precious photographs!

How to use:

For permanent use, use immediately after applying the adhesive to paper and photographs. This is when the glue is blue.

For semi-permanent use, use when the adhesive becomes tacky. This is when the glue is clear and you will find that your paper and photographs can be repositioned.

  • Acid Free; will not discolor or warp photographs
  • Ideal for affixing photographs and artwork to black acid-free insert sheets
  • For permanent or semi-permanent repositionable mounting
  • Dries Clear

*Pre-testing is always advised before use on valuable items.

Additional information

Weight 2.0 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 1 × 1 in
Tip Size

5mm, 15mm

Tube Size

10ml (.35 oz), 26ml (.88 oz)

Customer Comments

ZIG 2-Way Glue
  • The Zig versatile color-changing formula makes this glue suitable for both permanent and temporary bonding. If used when wet (the color is blue) the bond will be permanent. If allowed to dry clear, it provides a temporary (re-positionable) dry bond and leaves no residue.
  • I love it. I am making mini albums and this stuff works great. I have used it on the backs of my photos, and I have never used glue for that before. I don’t use a lot of glue, just on the edges. A lot of glues will make your paper bow or ripple. This does it while wet but once I have my paper glued it lays flat. A lot of other glues when they dry and you flex your paper the project makes a crackling sound, like it is going to come apart.. This one doesn’t. The paper stays supple. This is a great product.
  • Worked as advertised, I’m happy with the purchase. Word of caution though – be sure to store upright. It leaked and made a bit of a mess in the cap when I left it on its side (didn’t leak outside of the cap though).
  • I use it as a reusable glue and it works wonderfully. Doesn’t pull any of the paper off or anything. Highly recommend.

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